Revolutionize Flat Roofing with QDEK® Adhesives

Learn how QDEK® spray adhesives and primers are changing the game for flat roofing jobs with speed, strength, versatility, and environmental compliance.

QDEK® products are a game-changer in the flat roofing industry, providing an innovative solution that makes the process of bonding single-ply membranes, insulation boards, and self-adhesive membranes or vapor control layers faster, easier, and smarter.


The concept was born out of the need for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient process, and QDEK spray adhesives and primers deliver on all these fronts.

What Sets QDEK Apart from Traditional Alternatives?

For starters, rapid results, high coverage, and tough bonding on single-ply roof systems.


Its spray adhesive flashes off in less than 2 minutes, making it 57% faster than the roller and bucket methods. This speed and strength make it a favorite among roofing contractors, who appreciate the time and cost savings that it offers.


Moreover, QDEK products are formulated to be used with a variety of substrates and a broad range of flat roof membranes, ensuring versatility and flexibility on job sites.


With QDEK, you’re choosing strength and durability. QDEK adhesives boast a high heat resistance and create a strong, high-strength bond that can withstand extreme temperatures.


The high coverages and clean application of QDEK spray adhesives provide a seamless and professional finish that is unmatched by traditional roller and bucket methods.


Aside from its performance benefits:

  • QDEK products are also environmentally friendly, with low VOCs that comply with California's stringent VOC requirements.
  • The CO-REZ Technology used in the product formulation means more product for less weight, making it easier to transport to and from job sites.

QDEK QD-2040: Membrane Adhesive for Extreme Temperatures

Advantages of QD2040 Adhesive Spray

QDEK QD-2040 is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an aggressive, high-tack contact adhesive that can withstand high temperatures. This product boasts a powerful, high-strength bond that is unmatched by traditional alternatives.


Additionally, QD-2040 is fully compliant with California VOC requirements, making it an environmentally-friendly option. Its high coverage and portability, thanks to the CO-REZ Technology used in its formulation, make it easy to use and transport to and from job sites.

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QDEK QD-2302: Advanced Adhesive for PVC Membrane Bonding

Advantages of QD2302 Adhesive Spray

QDEK QD-2302 is a revolutionary adhesive designed to bond PVC membrane to traditional roofing substrates. It features an extreme heat resistance, making it an ideal solution for anyone in high-temperature environments.


Its reliable high-strength bond ensures that the PVC membrane stays in place, and its high coverage rate means that you can get more done in less time, as fewer applications are needed to get a reliable bond. QD-2302 is also fully compliant with California VOC requirements and is a fully portable system.

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QDEK QD-3000 -  “No Rise” Foam Adhesive for ISOBOARD

Advantages of QD3000 Adhesive Spray

QDEK QD-3000 is a versatile adhesive that can bond nearly any surface, making it a go-to choice for anyone in the roofing industry. Its single-component, no-rise polyurethane foam system makes it easy to use, and its high coverage rate ensures that you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.


QD-3000 is also repositionable during open time, giving you more flexibility and control over the bonding process. Additionally, its extreme heat resistance ensures that it can withstand even the most challenging environments, and it’s fully compliant with California’s VOC requirements.

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QDEK is a Hit at IRE

Quin Global Booth at IRE Conference

QDEK products are a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution that roofing contractors trust to get the job done. Their innovative technology, high performance, and compliance with environmental regulations make QDEK the go-to choice for anyone in the flat roofing industry.


At the recent IRE tradeshow in Dallas, TX, Quin Global brought representatives from the US, UK, and Australia to attend the global event. The QDEK booth had constant traffic for product demos, which highlighted the versatility and effectiveness of QDEK products. The QD3000 adhesive in particular was a massive hit among attendees, due to its single-application convenience.


The Quin Global team educated customers on QDEK’s power-hitting product line, and the event brought countless new opportunities for future business, generating an overwhelmingly positive atmosphere among participants.



QDEK spray adhesive flashes off in less than 2 minutes and is 57% faster than the roller and bucket. Customers love its speed and strength!


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